Friday, March 13, 2009

Daily Dose, Friday March 13

Hope had a quiet, restful day today. She had some blood work done yesterday and, as the nurse practitioner said today, it came back "stone cold normal".

Since Hope has been on antibiotics her tummy hasn't been able to digest food very well she has not been getting breastmilk feedings. She has been practicing non-nutritive feeding in order to become familiar with the process. The doctors told Hope she had to cut back on doing that because they suspect that she was actually being too successful. This is actually a fabulous thing as it would mean Hope has figured out the suck-swallow-breathe combination. Daddy & Mommy are so proud of her!

Hope gained more weight today. She weighed in at 1860 grams (4lbs 1oz). Only 140 grams to go to reach her big 2000 gram weight goal. Go Hope!

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