Thursday, March 12, 2009

Daily Dose, Thursday March 12

Hope's mommy and daddy didn't get to spend much time with Hope today. Her module was closed most of the day because other babies were having surgeries. Hope was on her best behavior so her nurse could take care of the babies that were more sick than her.

Hope is no longer on the vapotherm, she switched to just the nasal cannula today and is doing very well with it!

The developmental pediatrician evaluated Hope today and was very pleasantly surprised by what she found. She said Hope is exhibiting behaviors that are expected for a baby her age. She was quietly alert, which means she was awake but just quietly looking around not agitated. This is a great neurological development sign as many babies with Hope's condition can not reach this state and tend to be very agitated when they are awake. This is not a promise of what days to come look like but it is a very encouraging sign and we are so very thankful. Hope's condition is not a regressive condition and so milestones she reaches now are not things that she will lose.

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  1. Oh she is just SQUEEZEABLE!!!! Of course she's doing well - she has an amazing support system and loads of prayers. ((hugs))