Friday, March 20, 2009

Daily Dose, Friday March 20

The big day has been scheduled! Hope is having surgery on Monday around 10 am. It should take about 3 hours to complete. The surgeons feel confident that the surgery will go well, but Hope wants everyone to pray for a good outcome.

Hope continued to gain weight today with a weight of 2040 grams - 1 gram shy of 4lbs 8 ounces. She is doing very well with her non-nutritive breastfeeding too. In fact when her nurse checked to see if she had anything in her tummy on Thursday evening she was pleasantly surprised to find 6 mls of breastmilk! Looks like the non-nutritive feedings are more nutritive than expected. This is an amazing milestone for Hope, because it means she has figured out the suck-swallow-breathe combination which is a huge step in her development. Mommy and Daddy (and everyone else too) are SO pround of her!

Hope finally got to cuddle with Grandpa and Grandma Holtz today. All three have been anxiously awaiting this day and the time flew by too quickly for everyone. Since Grandma and Grandpa will be visiting for another couple of days Hope is looking forward to getting some more cuddle time with them very soon.


  1. It's so exciting (and scary) to think that Hope is finally ready for her reconnect surgery. We will continue to keep Hope, and all of you, in our prayers this weekend and especially on Monday morning.

    Have a great weekend and try to get outside to experience some of the beautiful spring weather and sunshine!

    Love to all,
    Carol Z.

  2. Congratulations, Hope! What great progress she is making! I'll be thinking and praying for all of you LOTS today, and hope (hehe) everything goes well for her!