Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daily Dose: Wednesday, March 11

Hope: day 94

Hope had a very alert day today!!! And she looks great!! Today she had a head ultrasound and echo cardiogram in order to rule out the infection might be coming from the abscesses in her heart or brain. Even though there was already an echo they did another one for some reason. Good news!! Nothing suspicious was found!!!

The physical therapist worked with Hope today and said she is doing everything she should be at this age so we are all very THANKFUL for that.

Hope is continuing in her fashion show, the Hope Collection. Today she is modeling a cute little "duckie" ensemble. Of course at this rate, what isn't cute on Hope?

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  1. Looking good, Hope! What a great picture today. She's so bright eyed and the Hope collection is certainly a big hit, it seems!!

    Love to all,
    Carol Z.