Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daily Dose, Sunday March 8

Hope All Dressed Up

Hope had a great day today. She is doing very well breathing on the vapotherm. Although she isn't thrilled about still having prongs in her nose she thinks it's much better than the tube down her throat or the mask strapped to her face. Since she doesn't have those any more her nurse switched her feeding tube from in her mouth to in her nose. It doesn't sound very comfortable to mommy and daddy but the nurses say it's more comfortable for Hope.

Hope continued her breastmilk feedings today and is doing well with them. She is on small amounts right now (only 4mls every 3 hours) but they will slowly increase the amount as she tolerates it. She is still gaining weight steadily, weighing in today at 1790 grams (3lbs 15oz).

Hope cuddled with both mommy and daddy today, which made all three very happy!

Hope's great-grandma Vivian likes to dress up when she feels good so Hope thought that sounded good to her today since she was feeling so good. She put on a pretty pink outfit given to her by her friends Pat and John Durham and she put on a pretty pink hat sent to her by her friend Sierra and Sierra's mom, Penni. Hope (and her mommy and daddy) thank everyone for their beautiful gifts!


  1. Look at this little model of love in a blankie. She's beautiful Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is definitely the cutest picture of Hope ever, I think! I am looking forward more and more to seeing her in person.

  3. How ADORABLE!! Hope definitely knows a thing or two about fashion! I'm so glad she's feeling better and the tubes are less intrusive for her.

    Love to all,
    Carol Z.

  4. Oh so beautiful. She is looking bigger and bigger in each picture! We continue to pray for her continued growth and strength. Thank you for sharing her progress with all of us. In a house FULL of boys I love to see pics with pink in them :-)