Thursday, March 26, 2009

Daily Dose: Thursday, March 26

Another great day for Hope!!!! Today Hope spent most of her day resting and recovering. Hope is still getting some Morphine and Versed which is keeping her very very comfortable. She had a chest x-ray this morning which showed improvement from yesterday's x-rays so her ventilator settings did not change.

Hope has peed off some more of the fluid she was retaining so her weight was 2310 grams today, but no worries, that is still above the 5 pound mark!!!!

Even though Hope hasn't been feeling her best lately, like a true fashion icon that she is, she did not let that get in the way of her high fashion lifestyle. Today Hope was modeling a new addition to the Hope Collection: a rockin' pink hat (brought to you from designers "cousins Kelly and Jerry"). Hope sent a special message to Aunt Em today, she said that she is truly beginning to understand how difficult it is to live in the world of high fashion and that she will need Aunt Em to teach her all the ins and outs, which obviously means A LOT OF SHOPPING in the future. I guess we can handle that.....


  1. Hi everyone, I know Hope isn't "awake" from the surgery yet, but I just love the picture today. Look at her, she is becoming a little person, some pudginess in her arms and fingers, fingernails, eyebrows, hair starting to come in. It is so amazing how far she's come! I hope today and the weekend go along without any setbacks and that Hope continues to heal and will soon be awake.

    Love and prayers to all of you,
    Carol Z.

  2. Great Aunt Terri wants to know if she has had a poo yet?