Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hope's First Dress Up

It was another great day of weight gain for Hope today. She's up to 1520 grams, or 3 pounds 5 ounces. She cuddled with daddy for 2 hours today and both had a great time!

Hope has been having some very great days lately, which we are all thrilled about. The doctors rounds used to be very involved talking about different medications, the ventilator, blood work, x-rays etc... lately though rounds have amounted to basically "This is Hope: she's growing, Don't Change A Thing!" The doctors and nurses have joked about how boring things have become (which around the NICU is a VERY good thing).

However, as you all have come to know Hope, she does not do boring. Since she has been feeling so well, she has been talking to her good friend Peggy about how she might be able to get back to "dressing up" in her latest fashions. Peggy and Hope did some talking and some plotting and Hope decided that, in honor of today being the day of the Oscars, she would make her acting debut as "Hope: The Cute Little Elephant".

And the oscar for "CUTEST BABY IN AN ISOLETTE" goes to..............



  1. That is absolutely adorable! You have a very talented nurse :)

  2. OMG! Hope is never going to forgive you for posting this on the internet. I think it is time for the Grandmas to post some of those "cute" pictures of Mommy and Daddy when they were children on the internet. - Grandma H

  3. Those are the pictures you save for future boyfriends :-)

    Glad to hear she is doing well. Sounds like she has a great family looking out for her!