Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daily Hope: Wednesday, February 11

Hope: day 66

As you can see, Hope is THE MOST ADORABLE baby in the world. She is pictured here hugging her unstuffed Teddy. Seriously..... can it get any cuter than this? (Rhetorical question but the answer is NO!)

Hope had a good day. Her weight was down to 1270 grams, which is down from yesterday, but is still up 30 grams over the past two days. That is reasonable and realistic, so we give Hope some props: Good work Hope, aka the Biggest Fatty.

Hope got to snuggle with Mommy for a while. Everyone else (ok, maybe just Aunt Em) is getting very jealous of all this snuggling and looking forward to when Hope can snuggle up with all of us!!

Hope's feedings are going well again, upping them to 10ml per feed, which is up from 9ml. We shall see how that affects the Biggest Fatty competition.

Hope is overly excited because Aunt Em is coming tomorrow, Thursday, and then Friday night Grandma & Grandpa R will be returning from their brief hiatus.


  1. Auntie Em is not the only person that is jealous of all the snuggling. I can't wait to snuggle.
    Grandma H

  2. I just want to know when Hope gets to start piano lessons with me.

    Mrs. J

  3. Maybe when her reach is greater than a minor 2nd.

  4. Hope has nice long fingers, so she should be a natural at the piano, especially given her parents' proclivities to music.
    Grandma H