Sunday, February 8, 2009

Daily Hope: Sunday, February 8

Hope: day 63

Hope had a good day today! She hasn't been able to snuggle since Wednesday because of all the tests and not feeling good, but today she was able to snuggle with Daddy, so that was very good. Hope is also beefing up. She is now up to a whopping 1200 grams, 2 pounds 10 ounces!! This is a new high weight for her. So we are very excited she is making a little progress. Hope is back on the weight gain train and it's going full speed ahead! Chooo Chooo!!

Hope is already missing Grandma & Grandpa R as they are back in Grant taking care of business for a few days, but they should be back this upcoming weekend. And Aunt Em is coming so Hope has LOTS to look forward to!!

Hope's Great-Grandpa Holtz is still in the hospital but the doctors have isolated the problem, given him some medication, and we are hoping things are taken care of soon.

Update: Mommy & Daddy, along with Grandpa & Grandma R have officially moved into the new dwelling place. An apartment all to themselves!! If you want to send mail, here is the address:
Dave & Lynne Robinson/Andrew & Sarah Robinson
City View Apartments
3801 N. Meridian Street.
Apartment 801
Indianapolis, IN 46208

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  1. its a shame you arent still in Elkhart cause President Obama is traveling there. lots of love for sarah, andrew, and baby hope!