Friday, February 13, 2009

Daily Hope: Friday, February 13

Hope: day 68

Hope had a very good day today. She was coming off a little bit rougher day yesterday, and she definitely made up for it today. As you can see from the picture above, she was bright eyed!!! Hope was so active and so cute today.

Hope got to snuggle with Mommy for about two hours and was very active during most of it. Mommy said that Hope kept trying to turn her head over but then her tubes would get stuck and so her head would only turn half way. Mommy would turn it back, then Hope would try again. At least we know she is a persistent little one!!!

Good news is all of the blood cultures that have been "brewing" have come back, so far, clear, so that means there is no infection!! The other news is that we aren't sure why Hope isn't gaining weight. So they are changing things around again, trying to add more fat so she can get more weight in.

Hope only had one incident today. (an incident is where she kind of forgets to breathe and possibly has to be stimulated PLUS a little extra breathing help) Well.... today Mommy & Daddy left Hope in the care of Aunt Em for a little while. Those of you who know Aunt Em know that she is great with kids (possibly debatable now) however she happens to be a very sleepy person. So Aunt Em and Hope were hanging out, Hope in the safe confines of her isolette and Aunt Em in the nice comfy wheely chair next to the isolette. After story time Hope was napping, and, well... it looked pretty nice so Aunt Em kind of started to doze off in the comfy chair. Obviously that is inappropriate so Aunt Em told Hope she'd be back in a few minutes and went to the waiting room where she promptly passed out cold. Aunt Em woke up a bit later and went back to see Hope. She still looked great. She was awake and kicking at Aunt Em's hand and being very playful. Aunt Em noticed somethings in the isolette were in a little different position, but no big deal. **fast forward to when Mommy & Daddy come back*** Mommy asks the nurse how she was and Deb, the nurse, tells her that Hope had one pretty severe incident of not breathing while they were gone. Mommy looks at Aunt Em (who has a completely shocked look on her face) and asks what happened. It is then that Aunt Em confesses that a nap took place. Hope, with a beautiful look on her face, was trying to say: "Don't worry Mommy. Aunt Em left so I just held my breath till she came back." So yeah..... not exactly Aunt Em's help, but the first solo-babysitting didn't exactly go well.

The good news is that was Hope's only episode/incident for the day and she had a great day overall.

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  1. Mommy knows that Hope just missed Aunt Em and wanted her to come back, not that Aunt Em did anything wrong :)