Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daily Dose: Sunday, February 15

Hope: day 68 (few days ago)

Hope: day 68 (few days ago)

Hope: day 70

Hope is 10 weeks old today!!! As you can see from the pictures, a few of them are from Friday. We didn't get a chance to put these beautiful pictures of Hope's face up on Friday, so they are augmenting today's post since today's picture is a little bit fuzzy.

Hope had a very good day today. She gained more weight, up to 1350 (2 pounds 15 ounces), obviously she now is just trying to stay with the date theme. As long as she is keeping up with the biggest fatty, that's fine, however she does it!!

Hope spent time today snuggling with Mommy. She also got her first taste of sugar! The nurse practitioner had to take out the stitches that were in Hope's neck from when her central line was taken out. The stitches didn't dissolve so a little removal was necessary. Hope was on her best behavior so as a reward for her good work they gave her some sugar water on her pacifier, and like any Robinson, Hope LOVED IT!!! It's official, Hope loves sugar. So feel free to send any sugary things to Hope, but it is probably best if you send them to Aunt Em so she can taste test them first and make sure they are ok before Hope eats them, hehehe. But considering Hope can't digest on her own yet, let alone eat, maybe that should hold off after all.

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  1. Caden got sugar water on a paci when he had his big C done and we literally had to YANK the paci out of his mouth with a loud pop! I guess he's related to all of us, huh? ;) She is just changing so much, I cannot believe it!!!