Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daily Dose: Thursday, February 19

Hope: day 74

Hope had another good day today. The good news is that her blood work is "textbook perfect" according to the doctors. She hasn't had anymore episodes over night or all day. She had a few desats but that was her way of telling Mommy & Daddy she wasn't comfy, because when she was repositioned she was sating 96-100, where she should be.

Hope's chest x-ray looked better today than it has in the past week week or more so they decided to stop the percussive therapy. She spent about 2 hours snuggling with Mommy so both Hope and Mommy were very happy. She gained a little bit of weight today, approximately 10 grams, increasing her fattyness factor to a total of 1430 grams.

Sidenote.... Aunt Em is in New York City attending a conference and EVERYONE is asking about Hope. The typical conversation goes:
Friend: Hey Emily
Aunt Em: Hi, how are you?
Friend: Good, how's Hope?

Aunt Em doesn't get asked how she's doing, but she is doing great so that's fine. Bring on all the support of Hope. At least 25 people have seen Hope's pictures tonight since Aunt Em arrived. Hope has support from all over and that makes a big difference, so keep the support coming.

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