Monday, February 16, 2009

Daily Hope: Monday, February 16

Hope: day 71

So it is official... Hope is going to be a dancer when she grows up. We always joked around because before she was born she was always moving around. And it seems as though she just has a knack for dancing. In the picture for today she was "getting her disco groove on". Dancing quite energetically today to some flamenco music that only Hope could hear. Already dancing to her own beat, now that's what we like to see!

Hope is finally on the weight gain train. Today she weighs 1370 grams, which is over 3 pounds!!!!! (cue lights, sirens, confetti, and drop balloons) Good work Hope, that's the Biggest Fatty.

Hope snuggled with Daddy today for a while but other than that had a very good and very quiet day. She has had no "episodes" for over 24 hours now, and the two she had previously were technical issues, like water getting in her nose from her CPAP, not her forgetting to breathe. We are looking forward to another day free from episodes.

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