Monday, February 2, 2009

Daily Hope: Monday, February 2

Hope: day 57

Hope had another good and quiet day today. She spent some time snuggling with Mommy, which both Hope and Mommy LOVE!! Hope didn't gain any weight since yesterday, still at 1160 grams, but that's ok. She'll gain weight at her own speed.

Hope was switched from the CPAP mask to the nasal prongs. Statistically she handled it quite well, however, she was adamant that those prongs would NOT be in her nose. After many struggles, she finally convinced them to switch her back to the mask. Little did Hope know, but they were planning on putting the mask back on anyways, they just wanted to give her face a breather (yes, pun intended).

Hope is approaching her 2 month birthday!!! And we are very glad that things have been going so well lately. Hope is asking for some special prayers tomorrow. She'll have another head ultrasound and is hoping for stable or improved results. Please say an extra prayer for that tomorrow. And while you are at it, throw in a prayer for Hope's Mommy & Daddy. They get a little uneasy on ultrasound days, understandably. So let's hope that everything is good!

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