Friday, February 27, 2009

Daily Dose: Friday, February 27

Hope: day 82

Hope had a quiet start to the day today.  She wasn't feeling the greatest, kind of quiet and not very active.  Aunt Em came for a surprise visit, well surprise to Hope at least, and when seeing Aunt Em didn't even perk her up.... well, Hope was obviously not feeling good.

After Hope snuggled with Mommy for a little while the doctors and nurses decided to review some of Hope's blood work and found that some of her levels were extremely low, and she needed another blood transfusion (she hasn't had one in a while).  We hope the blood will help Hope perk up a little bit so that Hope is ready for party time, I mean, errrr, "play time" with Aunt Em tomorrow.

Hope might have another infection of somesort so they are trying to nip that in the bud by starting antibiotics.  We look forward to seeing a much more active Hope tomorrow.

Another note......

Hope's family received a BEAUTIFUL little wooden stool with Hope's name on it.  We are all very grateful but...  we don't know where it came from!!  No name and no return address.  So hopefully the anonymous donor is out there because we would all like to give a great big 

"THANK YOU!!!!" to whomever the very generous and thoughtful donor is.

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