Thursday, February 5, 2009

Daily Hope: Thursday, February 5

Daddy reading some poetry to Hope

Hope: day 60

Hope was very culturally enriched today because Daddy was reading her poetry. She enjoyed the poetry so much that she struck a very artistic pose for today's daily dose.

Today was a great day for Hope. Last night they started her back on TPN (the nutrients that come through the IV) so today was her first day with reduced feeds. She lost weight, apparently confused by the Biggest Loser (tv show) and Biggest Fatty (NICU competition), and is now down to 1140 grams. But.... they expected she might lose a little weight today since she "disposed" of so much of her food on Tuesday before being cut back.

Hope had another "blonde" moment today and either forgot to breathe or got tired of breathing, causing some apnea. Her heart rate dipped and her stats dropped but they brought them back up fairly quickly. Since she has had a few of these episodes over the last few days she got another chest x-ray. Everything looked good on the x-ray, so that is something to be thankful for. Her residual was discolored today so they got a KUB x-ray earlier today. That x-ray appeared to show some pockets of air, so another x-ray was ordered to make sure things were moving and they are. Hope has a bit of air in her stomach and digestive system but that could be from the CPAP pushing air in. Hope also had a complete blood work-up today and that came back looking good.

In other news.... Grandma & Grandpa Robinson finally left the hotel they have called home for almost 2 months and moved into an apartment in Indianapolis. The good news is that Mommy & Daddy moved in too!! They left the McCrib and now everyone is staying under one roof. The McCrib was great and everyone was so supportive but it will be good to have a kitchen they can cook in, and be able to get away (even if only a little bit) from the stress and chaos surrounding the hospital area.

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  1. Drew and Sarah, I will miss seeing you both around the house. I will keep Hope and your family in my prayers. I love the updates daily. If you need anything please let us know. Take care.