Saturday, February 14, 2009

Daily Hope: Valentine Edition

Hope: day 69

Hope: day 69

Hope & Mommy & Daddy

Hope, Mommy & Daddy & Aunt Em (and Grandpa's finger)

Hope snuggling with Daddy

Hope had a good day today. Turns out she is trickier AND smarter than we could have ever expected. So here we are, all worried about her weight gains (and non-gains) when she really had a surprise in store for us. As we all know, today is Valentine's Day which happens to be 2/14. So Hope had a present for us... her weight today... that's right, 2 pounds 14 ounces. It's as though she is trying to mess with our heads!! But what a great Valentine!!

Hope had another great day today. Her eyes open for a lot of the day. She was looking great!! She got to snuggle with Daddy, which was a special treat since today was Daddy's adoption day, so Happy Adoption Day to Hope's Daddy!! She had a little scare when the snuggling started, but turns out she just spit up a little bit and couldn't breathe because of it, so that got suctioned out and she was back on her breathing frenzy, phew!!!

Hope is truly the best Valentine ever. Mommy & Daddy have been fighting over which one gets to claim Hope as their Valentine, but we all know the truth: Hope is Aunt Em's Valentine!!! (oh the perks that come with being the author of the blog!!)

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone from Hope & her family!!


  1. I absolutely LOVE the chub growing on her arms there in the first pic!! (And now I wish someone would say that to me.) She is getting so big and strong. It's obvious she is thriving with all the love and snuggles she gets. She was born into a pretty amazing family!!! (If I do say so myself.)

  2. Her color looks amazing in these pics! And, I'm with Tena. Her chubby arms are adorable!! Wish the same went for us older girls :)