Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Update as of Noon on Tuesday

Hope: Day 5

When I went to see Hope on Friday, the 12th, she was just chilling, hanging out in her little box, very casual.

Thank you for all the prayers, but don't stop praying yet!!

Saturday, the 13th, Hope had a rough day. They found out she has pneumonia in her tiny little lungs. She is on antibiotics and the pneumonia has started to clear up. The doctors also found a brain bleed. Fortunately a brain scan on Monday showed that it is a level 1 bleed (level 4 is the "worst", as if any bleed is a good bleed??). She was pretty stabilized on Monday and she had a very good day. She fought through that scare, thanks to everyone's thoughts and prayers, Hope pulled through.

Today, Tuesday the 16th, the doctors didn't have good news. The pneumonia is clearing up which is great news, but she had some acidosis, her pH levels weren't good, and her blood sugar was a little out of the ordinary. After some investigation into things it appears that Hope is having some problems with her bowel and that part of her bowel may need to be removed. We are still waiting to find out the details of this, hopefully today, but if surgery is required she will be airlifted from South Bend to Indianapolis.

Keep praying. I will update when we know more.

UPDATED information:
If you are in the Newaygo County area, our home church, Church of the Living Christ, will be having a special prayer gathering tonight, just for Hope. See the announcement sent out by Pastor Nate below:

Special (and VERY important) Prayer Gathering TONIGHT (Dec 16) at CLC at 6:30 (for about 25 minutes)

We’ll be praying for Hope Robinson, who is the newborn daughter of Andrew and Sarah Robinson, and granddaughter of Dave and Lynne Robinson.

Hope was born 16 weeks early on December 7th, and weighed 1lb 8oz. Baby Hope has had a difficult couple of days. It seems she has some problems with her bowels and she will be taken to Indianapolis for surgery TONIGHT with a specialized neo-natal surgeon. The doctors believe she will make it through the surgery, but we need to be in earnest prayer.

If you can make it to the prayer gathering tonight, please do so.

If you aren’t able to come, join us from home as we ask God for protection and healing!

Almighty God, our heavenly Father,

we pray for Hope as the Robinsons are preparing for surgery.

Enable the family, by your Holy Spirit, to commit Hope with perfect trust into your keeping.

Watch over Hope and protect her in the hours of darkness.

Preserve the Robinsons in their faith in Jesus Christ, who knew uncertainty and suffering.

Bless and guide the surgeons and nurses who will care for Hope, and give them success in their work, that we may praise you for your goodness.

And finally, O Lord, grant that Hope may live through this experience and grow to be a healthy and vibrant child.

We pray in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit, Amen

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