Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our gratitude for the kindness of strangers

Hope's First Bear

The bag of surprises never ended!!

ALL of these presents came from an unnamed generous person, ALL of them for Andrew, Sarah & Hope!!

Aunt Em FINALLY arrived in Indianapolis today and got to spend the entire afternoon with Hope. We will discuss Hope later, but right now, we need to take time to express our gratitude for the incredible acts of others.

Today, as Andrew & Sarah arrived at their McCrib (aka their room in the Ronald McDonald House) a GINORMOUS gift bag was waiting for them, left in their room by an unnamed source. This bag was FILLED, completely FILLED with amazing things for Andrew, Sarah & Hope. There were beanie babies, teddy bears, big stuff animals, small stuffed animals, books, toiletries, gift cards, phone cards, hats, bags, etc. It was AMAZING!!!

It really made us think about just how blessed we were growing up with the loving and generous family that we did, but also it brought us back to reality that the world IS full of good people out there. Every single day another stranger does something that may seem insignificant in their eyes but to Andrew & Sarah and the rest of our family, it is amazing and we cannot even begin to express our gratitude.

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