Sunday, December 28, 2008

Daily Hope: Sunday

Hope: 3 weeks old holding Mom's hand

Hope: 3 weeks old with her unstuffed Teddy

Hope did not have as good of a day today, but she is still holding her own.

The good news: yesterday's feedings went really well, she digested everything, had good "output", and seemed to go well.

The not as good news: today, Hope was having more problems getting her pH to balance. It was coming back up a little, but still has to level off a ways. Her lung seems to be doing much better, but.. She was put back on the jet ventilator. The settings on the jet vent were weaned back a little bit, but with all the other stuff going on, the jet vent seems to be the better option right now. Hope's blood pressure was a little off, so back on the Dopamine she goes. Because she's on the Dopamine, she isn't feeding anymore, and probably won't for a few days until things get normalized. We don't want to overwhelm the little one!!! She had two more blood transfusions today. They keep drawing her blood and when you only have a little to begin with it makes a big difference, so she gets transfusions so help her feel better.

The bad news: (brace yourself).... The fashion show did not continue today!!! GASP!!! I know, shocking, but... they didn't change her hat, so.... it is my hope (pun ABSOLUTELY intended) that the show will commence tomorrow with a new little number =)

Aunt Em left today around noon. It was very very hard for me to leave my precious little Hope behind, but I didn't think it would be good to take her with me. I would have preferred to stay with her, but Grandpa and Grandma said something about Aunt Em having to pay bills, or something silly like that. Hope didn't understand that either. But... Aunt Em will be visiting very soon, hopefully within the next two weeks. It is very hard to be away from Hope for too long. She has this contagiousness about her, the good kind of contagious, the loving kind. If you saw her, you'd love her too!!!

Hopefully tomorrow will bring new fashion and a good day.

Today's rating on the SCALE:
Hope's Day rating: 5
Daddy's stress rating: 5 (says Daddy, however, I think that is averaging the overall day together)

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  1. Alright, so it would help if I refreshed the page...then I'd see the new posts, der! Thanks for the update, praying all the time!