Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Daily Hope: Tuesday

Hope: Day 23

As you can see in today's Daily Dose, Hope is posing, Vogue style, for the camera. Either that or she is sick of that old hat and wants a new one for the fashion show. She really should complain to the staff about that!!!

Last night Hope had kind of a rough night. Her ET tube came "dislodged" which caused her heart rate to drop significantly, requiring chest compressions and "bagging", a little bit scary. But the doctors and nurses say that happens sometime and not to be worried about it. Easier said than done. But.... the good news is that Hope had a great day today. Her blood gasses were better than they have been, she is finally off the Dopamine again, and her oxygen has been weaned so she is almost back on room air. Hope continues her feedings which have been going well, so that is great.

Again, Hope complains that she misses her Aunt Em. So Aunt Em WILL be making an appearance at the NICU within a week and a half, hopefully. In the meantime, Grandma & Grandpa Robinson have been keeping Hope and her parents company. Cheers to Hope as we look forward to an incredible year!!

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  1. It's ABOUT time. You know, some of us go to bed on time and all that, and I waited up to see a post from you. :) She needs that stripey hat back from day 1. Bagging is scary (I've had 2 boys who needed it at birth) but they are professionals at it. I'm so glad she's in good hands!!