Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hope-mas 2008

Hope: Day 18, looking dapper in her hat

Hope's First Christmas with the Family

All of the gifts brought by Santa

Santa's presents

Santa definitely made it to the McCrib!!!!

As you can see from the pictures above, today has been a very blessed day. To get all the presents in the picture I had to go take it from the balcony, but even then I still didn't get them all in the picture!!! We are still in awe at the incredible amount of generosity and selflessness that we have experienced. Christmas morning at the McCrib was amazing. The children that were there got to see Santa, got HUGE bags of gifts, had breakfast and lunch served, all out of the graciousness of others. It really is amazing!! Hope now has more stuffed animals than the rest of us combined, and she hasn't even left the hospital yet!!!

When we were done with the Santa festivities we hurried over to see Hope. She had another great night, but a little tougher morning. She had to have her dressings redone, and the IV in her head wasn't working out so that had to be put somewhere else. The good news: Hope now gets to wear hats again, hence the awesome Christmas stocking cap. The bad news: Hope has yet another IV site in her little veins. The nurses are taking very good care of Hope today. Watching very closely to make sure she stays stable. We didn't get to stay in very long today because she was a little agitated with all of the medical attention this morning so she wasn't settled enough to have our loving attention. But hopefully this afternoon when we return she will have had some good rest!! The nurses were very kind and took a family picture of us (which I'm sure will end up on the family calendar for 2010). If you look close in the family picture you can see Hope's little hat in the bottom.

Can't wait to see Hope later today, Santa brought her some finger puppets and you can be guaranteed that Aunt Em will be putting on a puppet show today!!! The Santa Bear and Zebra will be visiting hope shortly....


  1. Merry Christmas little Hope (and family)!!! It was Declan's first Christmas today, too, and it sure is special to have these little reminders of baby Jesus around, isn't it? Love you!!!

  2. Merry Christmas Robinsons all. We visit your blog every day to check in on Hope and rejoice in her progress. Love the Christmas hat! Em, you are giving Hope, your family and the rest of us “back home” a tremendous gift with this blog. Thank you for sharing this precious babe with us. Know that we are thinking about all of you and holding you close in prayer. Merry Christmas!
    Roger and Carol W