Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hope's First Flight** Updated

Hope had a good night, but her bowels still aren't right. The doctors and surgeons decided it was best for her to go to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis so she can have surgery to repair her bowels. She will be traveling in some sort of an aircraft, but a chopper, but some small plane or something. They will be taking her at 9am EST. We aren't sure if they will be doing surgery today or tomorrow but now we ask for a safe flight for Hope and her transfer team and safe driving for Grandpa & Grandma Robinson, Grandma Holtz, and Andrew & Sarah (I guess they would be Dad & Mom).

Will keep updated.

Update** 10.45am CST**
Hope has left the building. Her plane arrived and she is now in the hands of the transfer team. Grandparents and parents are en route via car.


  1. Thank you for all the updates on Baby Hope... a true blessing! My thoughts and prayers are with Sarah, Andrew and their precious sweetheart, along with all other family members. We pray that things continue to look up! Take Care, Love Jenny (Mick) Laskey

  2. I continue to keep all of you in thought and prayer. I know today will be a busy and stressful one for all of you, but know that so many people are thinking positive thoughts for you. Kristina Brackett