Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Daily Hope: Tuesday

Hope: Day 16

Hope: Day 16

Hope: Day 16
Putting her hands in the air joyously because she knows Aunt Em is coming tomorrow!!

Because I am a FIRM believer that you can never have enough Hope, today, we get 3 doses. As you can see in the last picture, Hope is ecstatic that Aunt Em is coming to visit tomorrow. She was jumping up and down but the nurses didn't like that, so she has reluctantly stopped jumping, but insists on waving her arms in the air.... ok, so maybe that's not what is going on, but since I'm not there to know we will go with that story!

Hope has had another good day, yaaayyyy!! They have been weening her off the dopamine (for her blood pressure) and her other tests have been going well. She has a little bit of congestion in her lungs, so to make sure that doesn't sit, the nurses are repositioning her regularly. Hope goes from stomach, to side, to side, to back, to stomach. But since she loves moving around so much, she probably doesn't mind. She still really likes it when her mom & dad put their hands in so she can hold them.

In case you didn't catch it... tomorrow Aunt Em will be arriving in Indianapolis to spend some quality time with Hope. We pray for good weather so my flight can be on time and arrive safely. Hope doesn't know it yet but Aunt Em is bringing CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!!! Because that is what Aunt's do, well at least that's what my Aunt did and what I'm going to do. Stay tuned for MANY MANY MANY more pictures of Hope coming at you soon. She's our little Christmas Hope and we need the whole world to know how much hope she has brought to our lives.


  1. Dear precious one, where did your hat go? Did you lose it with all that fist pumping? Your cousin Avery would still like to see the stripey hat back from day one. Do you still have it? Have fun with Aunt Em and make sure to enjoy your presents!!!

  2. Emily,
    I LOVE reading your ongoing comments, gifted writer storyteller that you are. I am praying right now that you are traveling safely. And having a plane that actually MOVES out of O'Hara.
    Isaiah 42:16b
    "I will brighten the darkness before them and smooth out the road ahead of them. Yes, I will indeed do these things/ I will NOT forsake them!"
    For you, Emily as you travel, and of course for Hope, her parents and her grandparents.
    Love, Mrs. J