Monday, December 22, 2008

Daily Hope: Monday

Hope: Day 15

Hope LOVES her Santa hat, or at least she looks like she does!! She had a great night last night. She has a little bit of a staph infection, or something to that effect, but they are working with some antibiotics and should have that contained and controlled. They are also working on weening her off of one of the other drugs that she is on, but I can't remember which one. The doctors are very encouraged by all of Hope's good work.

Hope has been a real soldier in her 15 days here. Hope doesn't even know but she has people everywhere praying for her and watching out for her. And now, she has another angel in heaven. Saturday night Hope's great-great-Aunt Shirley joined the ranks of guardian angels watching over her. She's got a whole crew up there making sure things go well!! Aunt Shirley didn't even get to meet Hope but I know that she's going to make sure everything is ok.

Today being Monday, the 22nd, means that only a day and a half before Aunt Em gets to see Hope again!! While the weather and mother nature have thrown a wrench in MY plans for traveling to Michigan before Indianapolis causing me to cancel the Michigan portion of the holiday tour, the good news is that Aunt Em will be seeing Hope sooner! Hope better be ready because there is a lot of loving coming her way on Wednesday!

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  1. Aw, have fun girl! I can't wait for these updates on her, thank you so much for doing this!