Thursday, December 18, 2008

A mind of her own....

Hope is doing well in her new home at Riley Hospital for Children.

The doctors said she had a small series of small seizures last night, which is not uncommon after surgery. They did an EEG which DID NOT show seizure activity but DID show normal brain activity, so that is great.

They also did a brain scan. There are 4 levels of brain bleeds:
Level 1: no worries, typical
Level 2: not significant, not overly concerned
Level 3: begin concern
Level 4: very concerned
In Elkhart, on Monday, Hope had a level 1 brain bleed. When she was tested today she had a very low level 2 brain bleed. The doctors are not concerned because that is typical after surgery. They are watching her (per usual) but do not expect the bleed to worsen.

The doctors are also very encouraged. Her respiratory numbers are great. Her metabolic functions are a little unstable, however, following a surgery it can take a few days for a normal adult to get their metabolic functions back in order, so with little Hope it might take longer, and they anticipated that. They are constantly checking and adjusting accordingly.

The latest word from Grandpa is that he really likes the staff at Riley and thinks they are doing a great job. Which, for those of you who don't know Hope's Grandpa, is a big deal. He's knows his hospitals and nurses and if he approves, well then I have to agree!!!

Grandpa also said that Hope is still very active, moving around, wiggling her little arms and legs. The nurses have also said that they thoroughly enjoy Hope but that "she definitely has a mind of her own" (which Grandpa is convinced she gets from her Dad).

Look back later for the Daily Hope.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. Keep them coming!


  1. I'm thinking tonight about the day when Hope can read and she gets to read about the first days/months of her life. What a gift you are giving to her, Auntie Em!

  2. Please know that Hope and all the Robinson's are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Scott and Carol Bogner

  3. Hope and the entire Robinson family are the talk of our NC RESA office. MANY continue to ask about her progress. Please know that we are keeping all of you close in our thoughts and continue to offer prayers of healing for Hope and for strength and perserverance for the rest of the family. Take care!

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you, especially little Hope. She comes from a strong family and has a wonderful support system. Stay strong and take care!

    Tracy Myers