Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hope: Day 20

Hope: Day 20; laying on her OWN ladybug blanket with a new hat

Hope's First Feeding!!!

Hope had a great day today (rating from the scale will begin tomorrow). Last night she was getting too much oxygen, hard to believe, so they took her off the jet ventilator and put her on a conventional ventilator. She responded very well and today was eventually weaned off the oxygen and was breathing room air by the end of the day!!! These were really great steps. Being on the conventional ventilator, Hope is much more active again, moving her arms around, being cute and everything.

Hope also had her first feeding of breast milk today! Her first feeding was 4 cc's. She took it very well and as far as we know, digested it well. She had another feeding tonight, so tomorrow we will know how that went.

As you will notice, Hope has begun her fashion show. Her first look on the runway (aka bed) is a red hat with a green ball on top. Rather Christmassy, but also matching the ladybug blanket her isolette is donning. Overall the matching hat and blanket were a big hit on the runway. The next look will be featured tomorrow.

Today, Aunt Em read Hope her first book: The Grouchy Ladybug. Hope really liked the story. She was a little scared at the Grouchy Ladybug and didn't understand why the Grouchy Ladybug was so mean. But at the end when the Grouchy Ladybug and the Friendly Ladybug ate together, Hope was happy that they could get along. Overall, the book was a big hit!! Kwanzaa Zebra & Christmas Bear also made appearances today.

Tomorrow will be another great day, I know it. However, it will be a little sad for Aunt Em as I am forced to go back to Chicago. I don't really want to leave Hope behind, but I know that she is doing great and I will be back in just a few weeks. Plus, the Daily Dose will continue with pictures.

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