Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hope's new good buddy: her home vent!

Hope had a very exciting day today - she left behind her old ventilator and was connected to her new home vent!! This means that if she remains stable for the next two weeks, she will be ready to...

drumroll please...


Really. Honestly: no broken crystal balls, hard to see where this goes, roller coasters, tunnels with distant lights, or honest disagreements between good people. Home.

It is possible, however, that she might not remain as stable as she is today for various reasons. Should such an event occur, it would reset the two week clock. So, to make this easier for everyone, we will update you all on the time remaining for the home vent trial. As such, we now have:

13 days

Please pray for Hope's continued stability, development, and comfort as she proceeds through this incredibly long testing period. Please also hope that mommy and daddy do not pull their hair out or bite off all of their fingernails in the process, and that they can find the time to put Hope's bed together...


  1. It's been a long road, and you are all doing SO GREAT! Praying very hard that everything works out, and that mom and dad are keeping their cool, as much as possible!
    Caitlin Z.

  2. Boy What Great news. We are all praying for Our little sweet thing to Come Home Uncle Phil and Great Grandpa Holtz will come up and see her as soon as she gets home And If Daddy pulls out all his Hair Uncle Phil will make hima Wig Hehe.13 days and counting Love ya Uncle Phil