Thursday, August 27, 2009

Daily Dose: Thursday, August 27

Hope and Great-Grandma

Hope, Mommy & Daddy

Hope looking great outside!!

Hope & Aunt Em

Hope blowing bubbles

Today was a great day!!!!! Hope's whole Robinson family was together. It was Aunt Em's birthday so she drove up from Chicago to spend the day with Hope (and everyone else, but mainly Hope). Hope started her day by getting her bath and getting dressed up in a pretty little outfit. Then Hope got to go for ANOTHER car ride!!! Mommy & Daddy packed Hope, and her entourage of stuff, up and took a ride up the street to Great-Grandma's house. The whole Robinson family met there for some family pictures. It was a nice, but little chilly, day out. That didn't phase Hope, she loved all of it!!!

After the family pictures, Hope, and her entourage of stuff, went home. After some good snuggling time with Aunt Em on the couch, everyone sat around the dinner table for a family dinner. In fact this was Hope's FIRST family dinner with the whole Robinson family. Hope sat next to the table in her kid kart and took it all in. At some point she eventually got so bored that she started blowing bubbles, which we found very humorous.

Hope had a great day, and the entire family had a great day as well. It was so nice to have the family together, and for Hope to be at home. Things have been going so well for Hope. She seems to be relaxed a lot more during the day, but also more alert. We look forward to many more great days ahead!!!


  1. Sara & Drew, I'm so happy for you all that Hope finally got to come home! I'm sure you are all beyond excited! I've been following your blog since Hope left and can't believe how big she's gotten. I'm just so happy for you! Hope all is smooth sailing now that she's home. Congratulations! Lesli Alford (Riley Nurse)

  2. Aww, I love the picture of Hope and Great-Grandma. I can't wait to meet Hope in person!

    Happy Birthday Emily! What a nice birthday present.

  3. Never saw a better picture of Hope than one taken in her own home! What a happy day. We're celebrating with you!
    The Weidens

  4. What a blessing that Hope is more alert and relaxed - just like, aah, it's good to be home. You all have certainly been in our thoughts and prayers this week. Just love all the pictures! Rich and Marty

  5. So Glad to see all of ya's doing so well The day we all have been waiting for has finally arrived. Congrats to all will Try and get up and see you's real soon Uncle Phil And Grandpa Later Pictures are awesome

  6. I am so happy for all of you...what a wonderful day together!

    Joyce Markaity (Uncle Don and Aunt Hilda Hoek's daughter)