Monday, August 24, 2009

Daily Dose: Monday, August 24

Hope is getting ready to go home!!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!! Everyone is ready and excited!

Hope had her ears checked today. They took her down to the OR around 9 am. A small incision was made in her ear drum and the ENT was able to drain a small amount of fluid off, nothing impressive. He noted that her ear canals are small and that the inner portions of her right ear appeared slightly abnormal. Upon finishing this portion, they repeated the BAER/hearing test. They performed the test two ways; by air conduction and by bone conduction. Hope did not exhibit a response to either mode. This leads the doctors to believe that Hope is deaf. This is difficult news to hear but not altogether surprising as she has not passed prior hearing screens. The good news is that the doctors think Hope might be a good candidate for cochlear implants. They performed a CT scan of her temporal bones this afternoon to see if there would be any obvious physical hindrance to the implants. We have not gotten the results back yet from this scan. In order for the doctors to consider the implant, Hope has to complete a 6-month trial with hearing aids. This is for several reasons; occasionally the hearing aids improve hearing more than they thought, plus, the implant would not likely be done until Hope is at least 1 year old. We will be contacting the hearing aid doctors tomorrow to get the ball rolling for this. We ask that everyone continues to pray for a positive solution for Hope's development.

This has been a trying journey at times, and today's news wasn't easy to learn, however, we are so blessed and so thankful that tomorrow we will have our beautiful Hope home with us. This joy is not to be diminished in light of today's news. We should all celebrate the amazing strength Hope has shown over the months. Tomorrow will be a joyous day!!


  1. I've been praying - hope you are settling into life at home today and you soon feel like your routine is swinging well!!!

  2. It warms our hearts to know that Hope is coming to a real live house to live in that is more than a house, but a true home. I just realized that Hope and Home are just one letter different. Is that a verbal coincidence, or what? Congratulations are due all over again. We thank and praise God that she was able to come home today. Uncle Tom and Aunt Sue.