Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Daily Dose: Tuesday, August 25

Hope on the way out of the hospital!

Hope on her first outdoor ride!!

Hope is all buckled in and ready to go home!!!!

HOPE IS HOME!!!! Finally!!!

Hope was so excited to see the sunlight today and feel the breeze on her face for the first time. She is loving her new surroundings. She has settled into her new crib and was sleeping peacefully this evening, glad to finally be at home.

Hope, Mommy & Daddy are still working on getting into a routine and schedule, but hopefully over the next few days everything will work out. Tomorrow Hope has big plans to venture to the screened in porch for a little while!!!


  1. So glad the family is all together under their own roof!

  2. I live in California and found Hope's blog when she was 2 months old. Every night and morning I check to see if there are any updates on her. Congratulations on her homecoming. What a feeling of joy that must be for the whole family.

    I know that she will blossom in her new peaceful, quiet, beautifully decorated room.

    Best wishes for Hope and her family.

    Lorri Dane

  3. I'm so happy for all of you!! What a blessing that Hope is finally able to be at home.

    Sending my best wishes that all goes well,
    Carol Z.