Thursday, August 20, 2009

Daily Dose: Thursday, August 20

So much has happened the past few days but no updates. This was partially because Hope's Mommy & Daddy were very busy and couldn't send Aunt Em any pictures. Last night they all had a sleep-over, aka "rooming-in", at the hospital. This was where Hope and her Mommy & Daddy were in a room all by themselves all night. This went very well for everyone so one more thing completed on the way to bringing Hope home.

Hope is scheduled to have her ears and hearing checked again on Monday morning at 9am. We are praying extra hard that there is fluid behind her ear drum that is contributing to the hearing loss and that it will be an easy solution to help her. Please keep Hope in your prayers this weekend.

Hope is checking even more things off her "Going Home" checklist. Today she had the carseat challenge. This is where the contest sits in her carseat for two hours. Hope was an amazing contestant, coming in first place sitting for a record setting 3 hours with no trouble at all. GO HOPE!!!

Hope is also continuing to gain weight. She is now weighing 14 pounds and 14 ounces!!

So for the big news.......

5 days until Hope comes home!!!!

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