Monday, August 3, 2009

Daily Dose: Monday, August 3

Hope had a phenomenal day yesterday!! Since she has been have more good, strong, healthy days Mommy & Daddy were anticipating talking to the doctors yesterday morning about what the next steps might be. The doctors were so happy about how Hope's weekend had gone that they didn't wait to discuss the next steps... THEY ORDERED HER HOME VENTILATOR!!!!

This might not sound that exciting, but the home ventilator doesn't get ordered until they are pretty sure Hope is on a good track to going home. Hope will have to be on the home ventilator for two weeks with minimal changes to her settings in order to be cleared to go home. Everyone is very excited!!

Hope also had a very exciting day because she got to meet her Uncle Corey. Uncle Corey came from North Carolina to visit Hope and they both were very happy to meet each other.

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  1. Hey strangers! Look at me -I'm on the computer!!! Got your note and the picture is on my frig. No goat cheese pizza yet but the recipe is on the top of the pile. I'll let you know. So excited for you and the promise of the home vent. Always happy to hear updates. Miss you all, deb hutch.