Monday, August 17, 2009

Daily Dose: Monday, August 17

Hope had a good weekend and a good start to this week. Her ENT (ear nose and throat) doctor took a look at her ears today and didn't see anything obviously wrong. Before Hope goes home the ENT plans to put her under sedation and check to see if there is any fluid behind her ear drums. If there is a significant amount of fluid then likely Hope will get tubes in her ears. During this process, while she is sedated, they will run another diagnostic hearing test.

The countdown continues...... only 8 DAYS until Hope comes home!!!!

As you can see from the pictures above, Hope's room is finally all ready for her. It is pink (because apparently that's what little girls like) and has lots of ladybugs. Hope is very excited to come home and play with her ladybugs and her new toys and everything else!!!


  1. WOW, eight days!! This is so exciting! Keep up the good work Hope!!!

    Love the nursery. I'm sure Hope will be very happy when she gets to see it and tool around the house in her kid-kart.

    The Zs

  2. Hope's room looks so Nice I cant wait to see her In it and enjoying it with Mommy And Daddy