Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Hope

Hope sleeping on her tummy


Today is Hope's 8 month birthday
. She spent the day chillin' on her new home ventilator. The day went well and we now have one more day down on the 2 week count down.

Hope got her Kid-Kart today. This is a special order, custom cart for Hope that will allow her to travel with all of her equipment. This will make it much easier for daddy and mommy to get her to her doctor's appointments and such but will also allow her to venture out into the yard to get some fresh air.

Daddy and Mommy finished up their CPR training today. One more thing checked off the list of things that have to be completed before Hope comes home!!

1 comment:

  1. What good news! We've been gone all week and I just got caught up on the updates.

    Happy Birthday Hope! And good work on the episodes being reduced! Keep it up, little one.

    So glad to hear the official countdown has begun and hopefully it will continue uninterrupted!

    Carol and Roger Z.