Saturday, August 15, 2009

Daily Dose: Saturday, August 15

*Apologies for the lack of picture. Hope's Mommy & Daddy are out of town, leaving Grandpa & Grandma R on Hope duty but they aren't that proficient with the camera. Pics to resume Monday.

As we mentioned, Grandma & Grandpa R were left in charge of Hope yesterday. Grandpa R reported that Hope had a very good day. She spent a lot of the morning in her KidKart, she still likes being able to sit up and see the rest of the world. Grandpa R got to hold Hope for a very long time, all of which Hope was very peaceful and slept. She continues to be incredibly cute! Before Hope took her nap, Grandma & Grandpa R read a couple of books and sang some songs to Hope, she seems to like that.

The countdown is still on....... only .............................
10 days until Hope goes home!!!!

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