Friday, July 31, 2009

Daily Hope: Friday, July 31

Hope gets tired from all the excitement

Hope: day 237

Hope had a great day. She spent sometime playing in the afternoon with Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Em & a new friend, Kay. They all sang some songs and played.

We are trying to keeping her baseline oxygen at 26% instead of 21%. It seems that this has helped but hasn't completely solved her episodes all together. Pulmonology seems happy with the improvement though. When Hope got a lung culture last week, the culture grew pseudomonas. Hope now is taking an inhaled antibiotic to help get rid of this.

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  1. I sure Hope is Real happy to finally meet her Uncle Corey today. I know Uncle Corey was sure anxious to get to see his wonderfull Niece Good luck to the both of them. And Bless Moommy and Daddy and Hope. And Lets Not forget all the work Aunt Em does !!!!