Saturday, July 4, 2009

Daily Dose: Saturday, July 4th

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!!!

Hope had a great day today- she is recovering very well from her surgery. She should be back to full feeds by midnight, which means her IV can be taken out!! Hope has had a few excellent blood gasses so the doctors will likely continue to wean on her support tonight.

Hope is also weaning off her morphine so she is now getting Tylenol for her pain. This means that Hope was more awake and interactive today. While she is interactive, she is still a little moody, she is most likely thinking: "This may not hurt right now, but I'm still PISSED."

As you can see, Hope was very patriotic today. Her new patriotic bow is courtesy of Nurse Emily, one of Hope's favorites. It looked very cute but as you can see from the first picture, it also was very tasty.

We are all hoping tomorrow goes as well as today.

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  1. She looks very adorable in her RWB headband!! And I will just stay out of the aforementioned SP debate as I am a fan of hers. :)