Thursday, July 23, 2009

Daily Dose: Thursday, July 23

**disclaimer: Hope's Mommy & Daddy moved into their new house but do not have an internet connection yet, so Aunt Em is not being supplied with daily pictures

Hope's bronchioscope is schedule for bright and early Monday morning. She will be put under general anesthesia so they can get a good look at her airway. She still is having a lot of episodes. The ventilator changes and medicine changes don't seem to be doing much good. We are all praying the bronchioscope will give some insight.

Besides preparing for her big tests, Hope has had a very VERY busy few days with lots of family visiting. On Wednesday, Hope got to cuddle with her Great-grandpa Holtz and Great Uncle Phillip. She also got to meet Aunt Kim and Great Aunt Alice for the first time!! Then she got to spend time with Grandma & Grandpa Holtz. Today she got good snuggling time in with Mommy, Grandma Holtz, Grandpa Holtz, Aunt Kim and Daddy!! A normal baby would be all snuggled out but Hope is looking forward to more tomorrow!!

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