Monday, July 13, 2009

Daily Dose: Monday, July 13

Hope had a pretty good morning and afternoon today. She took 15 mls from a bottle today and did very well with it. As the day wore on, Hope seemed to be coughing more than usual and seemed pretty unhappy. Her heart rate was elevated to close to 200 and she was restless. Mommy & Daddy suctioned her trach (without getting much out), took her temp, fed her.... all without much success at cheering her up.

Since this was a little out the of ordinary for Hope, because she is quite the happy baby, Mommy & Daddy asked the doctor to come by and just take a look at her. He didn't see anything alarming, but just to be safe ordered some blood tests. After dinner while, waiting for the results, Hope had fallen asleep and was much calmer. The blood work so far has all come back normal.... so far it looks like Hope was just tired and maybe a little cranky :)

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