Monday, July 27, 2009

Daily Dose: Monday, July 27

Hope did well with her bronchioscope today. She was in the operating room for about 30 minutes and the doctors said she did fine with the anesthesia. The doctors were able to see that Hope has moderate airway collapse in her trachea and both lungs, and moderately severe collapse in her lower right lope. This is not brand new information. We already new all of this so basically it means we haven't missed anything big. Apparently there is no quick easy fix to these things, we just have to wait for Hope's airways to firm up. The good news: this WILL happen eventually.

The doctors noted she has some swelling and irritation in her airway so they cancelled her oral feedings. Hopefully in the next few weeks this will help eliminate her episodes.

Grandma & Grandpa R stayed all afternoon with Hope and they had some great time chillin' in the crib.

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