Monday, July 27, 2009

Daily Dose: Sunday, July 26

Hope is quickly gaining weight!! She is nearly 13 pounds now!!! Her bronchioscope is scheduled for very early tomorrow morning. Since she will be put under general anesthesia for it she can't eat tonight after midnight. But don't worry, she'll be getting iv fluids and versed so she will be very happy. In fact, she won't remember anything. The versed makes it so that you don't remember anything that happens. So she won't remember being hungry nor will she be annoyed with having a camera in her lungs. Thank goodness!!!

Don't forget to say a prayer that everything goes well in the morning and we find some answers!!


  1. Praying for you sweet girl.
    The Weidens

  2. Uncle Phil was so Glad to spend his precious time With Hope and to cuddle her was so sweet. I would not trade it for a million Dollars. Well Maybe a million as long as It would Help Hope any. Even thou she did stick her tongue out at me I know she did not mean any thing by it Hehe. I hope all goes well for Our precious little Girl Tomorrow Morning. And Daddy and Mommy Are blessed with Answers.