Friday, October 2, 2009


Hope had quite a day yesterday...

It started out bright and early with an appointment with the neurologist. Since Hope has not had any seizures they've decided to let her "outgrow" her phenobarbital.

After that appointment, Hope had some blood drawn (she has an appointment with the pulmonologist next week and they wanted some bloodwork done prior to the appointment). After the blood draw, Hope headed home and was getting tucked back in for an afternoon nap when the phone rang.... it was the pulmonologist. She had gotten the results of the blood work and it seemed as though Hope's white blood count was elevated and she wanted to have Hope checked out. So we packed her back up into the car and headed to Grand Rapids. Hope got to hang out the in the emergency room at De Vos for 4 hour while the doctors ran more blood tests, urine tests and x-rays. They weren't able to find the source of the elevated white blood cells. They took a urine culture and blood cultures which may grow something in the next few days but nothing was outwardly apparent last night. Finally they let Hope go home for the night.

She is not acting sick so we are hopeful that it was just a "fluke" and that she isn't brewing an infection.

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