Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hope's Latest News

This picture shows just how big Hope is getting!!
Hope went in last week to have her hearing aids adjusted. The audiologist turned them up and tested Hope out in the sound booth. It was an unofficial test but it appeared that Hope did not show much response to adjustment. It seems as though she might be able to hear somethings in the low, bass range but the volume levels had to be so high (equal to that of a chainsaw or rock concert) that it would cause further damage for her to be hearing at this volume. She will continue to wear them, continuing on her 6 month trial in order to pursue the cochlear implants.
The physical therapist has been to the house to work with Hope. This last time she brought a "peanut" ball. This is basically an exercise ball that is shaped like a peanut. She propped Hope up against it on her tummy in order to work on head control. Normally Hope doesn't really like tummy time (unless she's sleeping on her tummy) but she seemed to like the peanut ball and she did really well pushing up with her arms and lifting her head.

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