Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hope Update - The rest of the week

We've been much better this week about taking pictures of Hope.... we haven't been better about getting them posted with updates. So here's a couple of days worth...

With all of Hope's equipment it's hard for her to venture very far. She did, however, manage to make it to the living room sofa to hang out with mom and dad for a couple of hours this week.

Since red is Hope's favorite color, she thought it was pretty neat to sit on a giant soft red thing instead of being in her room. She even got to sit on her own like a big girl!

A few weeks ago Hope took a stroll through the apple orchards. The apples weren't quite ready to pick yet. This week, daddy went out and picked some apples for him and mommy and he found one just perfect for Hope. Hope doesn't have any teeth yet so all she could do was play with the apple but maybe next year she can eat her very own apple.

Hope still gets weekly visits from OT & PT. Her physical therapist brought Hope a "peanut ball". This is an exercise ball that is shaped kind of like a peanut. For the most part, Hope doesn't like playing or "working" on her tummy. If she's on her tummy she thinks that's a good time to sleep. The peanut ball lets Hope work on some upper body strengthening and get some "tummy time" in without having to be all the way on her tummy. Hope likes this much better.... although it's kind of hard to tell from the look on her face.
Hope hasn't had any big appointments in the past few weeks. This Friday (November 6th), though she meets with the doctor that will do her cochlear implants. This is just a consultation but we are all eager to hear what the doctor has to say (and we are praying hard, as usual, for encouraging news).

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