Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hope's Baptism

This past Sunday was Hope's baptism. As you can see from the photos she was adorable in her dress. Hope didn't mind all of the excitement at all, in fact she slept through the ENTIRE thing. Even still, she was very happy to get a chance to meet so many of the people that have been praying for her through the last 10 months!


  1. She was absolutely beautiful for her baptism! It's amazing how much she has changed in 10 months - looks like she is doing great being at home where she belongs.

  2. How precious. What a special service that must have been for everyone. Hope looked beautiful in her dress and glad to see she was so relaxed! : )

    Love and prayers,
    Carol Z.

  3. All I can think of is the song "Children of the Heavenly Father". Hope looked absolutely beautiful in her baptism gown. (The rest of the family looked good, too!!!) Looks like the pics were at the Newaygo UCC, right? Congratulations to Andrew and Sarah, etc. How precious are God's little ones! She is growing so much and we are thankful for all the good news we keep hearing. Love, Uncle Tom and Aunt Sue.

  4. How precious I remember all 4 of my kids baptisms. Jonathin slept through his too and he was older!! LOL Her dress looked great on her. Thank you for sharing such a sweet girft with all of us!