Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Hope!

It's hard to believe, but Hope is 10 months old now!! Happy Birthday Hope!!!

Hope got to spend her 10 month birthday with a trip to the pulmonologist. Everything went well and since Hope was in such a good mood, she decided to venture over to the hospital and visit with some of the nurses that took care of her when she was in the NICU.

Today Hope was visited by the vision consultant for Early On. She had some very encouraging news - it seems that Hope IS able to see, at least to some degree. Hope seems to really like looking at shiny, red things and prefers to look at things that are off to her right side. The vision consultant will continue to work with Hope (as will we) in hopes of getting her to be able to see equally in both directions.


  1. YAY! Happy Birthday Hope! So glad to hear of all the progress you've been making.

    Best wishes to all of you.
    The Zs

  2. Yes a Happy Birthday to her. Hard to imagine that her and Ethin are only 1 month apart. On Friday I went and visited with Ethin too. She looks great!!! Amazingly wonderful news from the Early On lady. That is great news! We love you Hope Happy 10 month birthday! Jessica