Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update on Hope

Hope has had a few appointments in the last week....

The physical therapist is happy with how well Hope is doing withher head control. It's something she will continue to work with Hope on. She can hold her head up very well now, she loves to sit up and look around.

The urologist saw Hope and doesn't need to see her again for a year. He is hopeful that Hope will outgrow the kidney reflux but if she doesn't there are a couple of options for treatment, including an outpatient injection of medication or if necessary a small surgery.

The surgeon who put Hope's feeding tube in took a look at it yesterday. He thought it looked good. She has a little bit of tissue that has built up where the incision is (completely normal) so he treated it with silver nitrate. Hope had this done three times while she was int he NICU so it wasn't new to her.

Hope has been racing along on the weight track.... you'll never guess what her weight is now...... 17 lbs 11 ounces!!!!!! She has grown a little bit length-wise and is now at 23 inches.

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