Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Daily Dose: Tuesday, September 1

Hope is at the hospital for a little while.

Hope's urine cultures came back positive for some infection, so Hope has an UTI. The doctors are waiting on her blood cultures to see if they come back positive as that would indicate sepsis. Hope will be at the hospital for the duration of her antibiotic regimen, which is at least 7 days after a clear culture but could be as many as 21 days after AND THEN a few more days until she gets a clear culture.

They have also discovered that Hope has an elevated creatnin level, which will be followed up on in case there is any scarring or kidney problems, but this isn't of big concern today.

Tomorrow Hope has a very full day with lots of tests and lots of therapy. Hopefully everything turns out alright, but in the mean time, Hope and her Mommy & Daddy are back at the hospital. Now we really are wishing Hope was at home because things were soooo nice when she was. But she'll get there again eventually.


  1. SO sorry this has happened.
    I suppose one of Hope's greatest gifts has been teaching everyone in her life how to roll with the punches, go with the flow.
    Thank goodness for places that can help to heal her, though!

  2. I hope she is better in no time and that she doesn't have sepsis. Praying.