Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Daily Dose: Wednesday, September 2

Hope had a better day today. She has broken her fever!! This is great news. Also, the infectious disease decided that there was no reason for Hope to be in contact isolation (interesting that we have thought this all along) so the gowns and the gloves have gone away... FOREVER!!! Since Hope's fever broke and it appears her infection has been sensitive to most antibiotics, she will need to be on IV meds for 48 hours, but then she can come back HOME!!!!

Hope did have some bad news today though: Hope had a urine dye study. It showed that her urine refluxes into her kidneys, and that isn't supposed to happen. This is mild to moderate on one side and moderate to severe on the other. Hope will be on a low dose of antibiotics at all times as a preemptive measure against recurrent UTIs. If Hope has too many UTIs it could begin to seriously affect her kidney function, which we don't want. If Hope has a few more UTIs she will likely need to have some surgery to correct the problem.

We are soooo thankful that Hope is feeling better, and Hope is very thankful that everyone has temporarily stopped poking and prodding her. We keep praying that Hope continues to get stronger and healthier so she can go home by the end of the week. Yes, you heard correctly, end of the week, THIS week!!!!


  1. How great is that! Way to go Hope. God is good.

  2. We hope things are going well and that Hope is able to come home today or very soon. Anxiously awaiting tonight's update! : )

    Hugs to all of you,
    The Z's